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3 Products
Kodak DTF Ink
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SubliStar DTF Ink
$150.00 Ex GST

Velflex offers professional-grade DTF ink made by Mimaki. Mimaki’s ink comes in a 500ml bladder for white and 600ml bladder for other colours. The product is a water-based pigment ink that can be applied to various fabrics, such as polyester, cotton, Lycra, spandex, denim, and mixed fabrics. It has many advantages, such as good fluency, no precipitation, no clogging, quick drying, high colour reproduction, and strong white ink coverage.

How long does DTF ink last?

DTF ink has a shelf life of about 12 months if stored properly in a cool and dry place. However, the ink quality may deteriorate over time, so it is recommended to use the ink as soon as possible after opening the bottle.

How do I choose the right DTF printer and ink for my needs?

To choose the right DTF printer and ink for your needs, you need to consider several factors, such as:

  • The print size and speed
  • The DTF printing quality and colour gamut
  • The compatibility and availability of the printer, ink, film, and powder
  • The cost and maintenance of the printer and ink
  • The warranty and customer support of the manufacturer or dealer

At Velflex, we stock a comprehensive range of DTF supplies, including DTF powder, DTF printers, inks and PET film to completely set-up or improve your heat transfer process.

How do I troubleshoot common problems with DTF ink?

Make sure that the ink is compatible with the printer and each other. Use only high-quality DTF ink from reputable suppliers like Veflex. Check the expiration date and storage conditions of the ink. Shake the ink well before use. Do not mix different brands or types of ink.