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4 Products
Tri-Peak TP-613 Instant Hot Peel
$280.00 to $310.00Ex GST
DTF PET A3 Sheet
$75.00 to $100.00Ex GST

Discover seamless printing with our DTF film range

Unlock the ultimate DTF (direct to film) printing experience with Velflex’s specially-designed PET film. These films enhance your printing abilities with their excellent ink absorption and advanced antistatic features. No more slipping, oiling, or sticking problems – our PET films deliver a smooth printing process.

Velflex’s DTF pretreat sheets give you the benefit of non-slip technology, along with a consistent coating that brings out the fine details in your high-precision printing process. Forget about the trouble of hard peeling, as our PET films make it simple and quick. And for the final flourish, our film offers a hot peel with a super soft touch effect that gives your prints an extra flair.

From a single A3 page to a 100 metre roll, we can supply your business with any quantity of our specialist PET DTF sheets that you require. Whether you need single or double-sided film, we have it in stock.

How does printing on to DTF film work?

To print on to DTF transfer film, you’ll need specialist DTF equipment like DTF printers that can print with DTF inks and a powder adhesive. The DTF printer will print your design in reverse order, starting with the white ink layer, then the colour ink layer, and finally the adhesive layer. Then, you need to add DTF powder on the adhesive layer and shake off the excess. The DTF pretreat powder will stick to the adhesive and form a solid layer. Next, you need to heat press the PET film on to your desired substrate, such as fabric, leather and wood. The heat transfer will activate the adhesive and bond the design to the substrate. Finally, you need to peel off the film and reveal your transferred design.

How do I test the quality and performance of PET DTF film before using it for a large project?

You can test the quality and performance of DTF films by doing some small-scale experiments, such as:

  • DTF printing a sample design on a small piece of film, and checking the ink coverage, clarity, and colour accuracy.
  • Applying the film to a small piece of substrate, and checking the adhesion, peeling, and transfer effect.
  • Washing and wearing the substrate, and checking the durability, washability, and stretchability of the design.
  • Comparing the film with other films or printing methods, and evaluating the advantages and disadvantages.