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Unleash the power of dimensionality with UltraColour3D™ – your go-to solution for raised heat transfer applications!

Application Instructions

Top Heated Press: 186ºC • Dual Heated Press: Top 145ºC; Bottom 160ºC

Top Heated Press: 25 sec on front and then 10 sec from behind.
Dual Heated Press: 30 sec press.
(both require a silicon app pad to protect transfer)

Firm (5-6 Bar)

If your transfer has a plastic carrier, allow to cool and peel after first press.

Say goodbye to traditional embroidery and welcome the future of badges! 🏅 UltraColour 3D™ serves as a dynamic alternative, perfect for sportswear that demands a bold statement. Ideal for team badges, this product offers a pronounced pop that catches the eye. Perfect for areas where logos can be smaller but demand a more pronounced effect, it delivers finer detail and an array of color options for a vibrant appearance.

Adhesive Sticker Option

But wait, there's more! UltraColour 3D™ isn't just limited to fabric – we've got a sticker option too! With a 3M adhesive backing, this innovation is perfect for hard goods like drink bottles and cases. Your creativity knows no bounds – stick it on and watch the magic happen!

Textured Metallic

Textured Matte

Smooth Gloss

Smooth Matte

To order UltraColour 3D, contact our sales team at [email protected] or 1300 765 414