Since 2006, Velflex has been a leading supplier and educator for heat transfer vinyl in Australia. We pride ourselves on providing unprecedented levels of support and aftercare to all our clients, big and small, bringing a personal touch to every sale and resolving any issues you may have.

What is a vinyl heat transfer?

Heat transfer vinyl, or HTV, is a type of vinyl that can be cut using a cutting machine and then applied to fabric using heat and pressure. It is commonly used to decorate garments like t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, as well as bags, and other soft goods. HTV comes in different colours, textures, and effects, such as glitter, holographic, and glow-in-the-dark which can be seen at night. HTV is different from adhesive vinyl or sign vinyl, which are used for stickers, decals, and signs.

What’s the difference between cut and printable heat transfer vinyl?

Printable HTV allows you to print designs and styles using an ecosolvent inkjet or latex printer onto heat transfer vinyl rolls, suitable for intricate and creative designs. Cut HTV, on the other hand, requires a cutting machine to cut out specific designs or shapes from the vinyl roll, making it more suitable for simpler or precisely cut designs. Printable HTV is ideal for full-colour prints and complex designs, while cut HTV is generally limited to solid colours. The choice depends on the project's requirements, the complexity of the design, and the available equipment. Velflex offers both cut and printable HTV vinyl solutions.

Why choose Velflex for your HTV vinyl solution?

  • We supply a range of printable HTV options, such as Stahls’ Premium Print and Premium Print Sublistop, and Plotterfilms Digital Invite Light, Glitter Silver, Digital Sublistop and Digital Extra White Matt, each with different features and applications for various fabric types.
  • We possess extensive HTV experience and knowledge, working with the technology since 2006.
  • Across Australia, Velflex has an unrivalled commitment to customer education. We offer a vast resource centre for all our HTV products, and a YouTube channel to help you better understand the transfer industry.
  • Similar to our education, Velflex’s aftercare provides every customer with the tools, advice and support to get the most out of their HTV purchase.

What equipment do I need to use heat transfer vinyl?

To use HTV, we recommend you get the following vinyl supplies:

HTV of your choice

Velflex offers a wide range of printable or cut heat transfer vinyl from a number of reputable brands.

A cutting machine

These machines use a computer-controlled blade to cut the HTV material, allowing for precise and intricate designs to be created.

A weeding tool, such as a hook or a pair of tweezers.

Weeding in the context of heat transfer vinyl (HTV) refers to the meticulous process of removing excess vinyl material from around a cut design using specialised tools, ensuring a clean and precise final result for the applied graphic on various surfaces such as clothing or accessories.

A heat press.

The device used to apply heat and pressure to heat transfer vinyl, enabling the secure bonding of the vinyl design onto fabrics or other materials for a durable and long-lasting finished product.

A teflon sheet or a parchment paper

The teflon sheet acts as a protective barrier during the heat transfer process, preventing direct contact between the heat source and the vinyl or fabric, and ensuring a smooth, even application of heat for optimal results.

A fabric item to decorate, such as a t-shirt, bag, pillow, etc